I had a friend called Louie.
Best memories from those days.
I took a flower to your grave.
Destroyed my beers watching your name.


Goodbye little Louie.


Here I am in class get together.

Wondering why I even came.

Maybe I’m searching forgiveness.

To cry all steams out I have inside.


Goodbye little Louie.


That night we boozed together.

Smoked everything that burned.

But did it just have to be there.

A black car with keys inside.

Not a single doubt in my mind.

Hey Louie I know what we gonna do.

Don’t go Louie please don’t go.

Jump on and let me show.

Believe me I´v done this before.

Faster faster faster we go.

I never even got to know.

When and where I`v could have been so wrong.


Goodbye little Louie.