Human Design was founded 1997 with a goal to make melodramatic music with a hint of sarcasm. Dark sound scape on a steady pulse was achieved by combining drop tuned baritone guitar and 5-string bass with sequencers and orchestral influences. Baritone singer strives to reach higher pitches creating a unique HD-vibration.

Song writer has a classical background but lusts for prominent snare-kick punch and melodies that give “out of genre”-dimension making songs stand out from the box. Epic orchestral music is essential element.

Human Design combines and utilizes best of classical-, heavy- and pop-music. There are tracks suitable as film scores and part are simple rock songs. Epic Emotions is all that matters. Genre is far secondary.

Human Design is usually not alone. "Epic Emotions" concerts brings choirs, dancers and guest-stars to the stage. No ideas are ruled out. Sometimes audience is performing too. Lighting and video fitted to the feeling along with quadraphonic live sound completes the mood giving audience the experience they deserve.

Kristian Tiihonen – Vocals, piano, guitar, song writer
Petri Hägen – Drums
Matti Seppänen – Bass

Keep on listening and share you heart beats with us.